Jin Sung International

International Trading
International Trading

We are doing our utmost to secure a stable supply of products and competitive prices for our customers.
We are also striving for continuous growth through partnerships with global companies.

  • Cementitious Materials
  • Energy
  • Metals/Precious Metals
  • Annually, we facilitate the trading of over 2 million metric tons of cementitious
    materials, embodying our steadfast commitment to delivering reliable and efficient
    solutions to our global clientele. Our extensive expertise in international trade,
    combined with a profound understanding of market dynamics, positions us at the
    forefront of the industry.
  • Every year, we oversee the trading of more than 1.5 million metric tons of energy,
    backed by our in-depth industry knowledge and supply chain proficiency, we ensure
    the timely and efficient sourcing, transportation, and delivery of these essential
    commodities. Our commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing further
    reinforces our role as a dependable partner in the energy trade landscape.
  • Jin Sung International offers comprehensive trading services for physical precious metals,
    reflecting our dedication to excellence in this specialized domain. Boasting robust
    financial resources and a wealth of industry experience, Jin Sung International has
    rightfully earned a prominent standing within the sector. Our unwavering commitment
    to the highest standards of professional ethics underscores our core values of integrity
    and excellence, further reinforcing our promise to deliver unparalleled quality services
    to our esteemed clientele.

    We excel in facilitating transactions involving a wide array of precious metals,
    including gold, silver, copper, and molybdenum, all available at competitive prices.
    Our offerings encompass the procurement of both low and high-purity gold and bars,
    silver bars and granules, copper cathode, and clove, as well as molybdenum.
    To complement our trading prowess, we extend financial services tailored to precious
    metals and metals, empowering our clients to secure fixed prices and timely deliveries
    precisely as required, regardless of location or circumstance. At Jin Sung International,
    our commitment extends beyond transactions – we foster enduring partnerships built
    on trust and reliability.